Traditionally old wooden crates are used in the packing and moving of heavier items. But now days a new trend has started where old wooden crates and old wooden boxes are used as furniture item inside and outside a house, and sometimes are used in a retail space.

So for a project that we are currently busy with, the design required old wooden crates. But we were having a problem in sourcing the exact size and the amount that we needed. So for this reason we decided to create our own.Vintage Wood Crates

Now there is quite a process involved in making a vintage wooden crate or old wood box. First off the right wood needs to be found. The old wood crates should be made using pine, as it can stained and painted to make it look like a vintage crate. Creating rough and unfinished old wooden crates also provided our team with a challenge. This being how to create some imperfect, when all that we have expected is perfection. But they soon got into the swing of things.

From there we built a various number of different styled crates. But the next problem that we face was how to make the crates look old. In order to get that vintage look, we used a combination of different coloured stains, paints, sanding paper and an angle grinder.

Unique Old Wooden Crates

We also creating stencils that were specific to the project. So the vintage wood crates that we create are unique to every project. By understanding where the old wooden crate is going we are able to determine what the best artwork is for the side of the crate. This is also accepted by the client before we spray the stencil on the sides of the crate.

While we cannot tell you what the crates are being used for at this stage of the project, give us a couple of weeks and we will be able to show you!

Please contact us at www.retailshopfitters.co.za about creating your own set of vintage wood crates or old wood boxes.