Shopfitting Tiles and Ceilings – Why?

I frequently get asked… Why should I invest in beautiful tiles and new ceilings for my retail store? I don’t want to over-invest in my landlords property… after all – I won’t be taking it with me when I leave… Although all these statements do make sense from a business owners perspective there are a few key areas to consider. Here is our take on it as professional shopfitters.

1. Tiles

Most landlords provide an allowance for tiles and also specify which tiles are allowed and which aren’t. We mostly get informed that the most basic tile allowed is porcelain which is obviously a little more expensive than the ceramic options available. The flooring in your retail outlet is obviously something that needs to be strong so it’s always recommended to get good quality flooring options. Cutting corners on flooring will have a huge impact on your stores over-all appearance. Cheap tiles tend to wear and crack easily which may force you into store closure to  fix, which may take some days off your turn-over.

2. Ceilings

As with tiles, most landlords also provide allowances for ceilings. This is usually the case with new centres and A-Grade malls. Once again a standard suspended block ceiling may not have the visual impact you require to enhance your store the way you like. A plastered custom made ceiling is always a much nicer option with a minor cost implication in comparison. Custom ceilings also allow for custom lighting solutions, which means the over-all appearance of your retail outlet will be even more enhanced.

The same rule applies for all the finishes of your retail shell. There are cheap options available and more expensive options available. Experience has taught me that cheaper is not always better. If you are planning on making money in your outlet and sign a lease for 3 years or more it’s crucial to go for the right solutions from the beginning. These elements also enhance the stores look and feel, which in return draws the attention of your customers. Let’s face it – nobody enjoys going into shabby looking retail outlets and the items in these stores are usually assumed to be cheap and of lower class or grade. On the other side, why spend money on beautiful fittings and shelving systems if your actual space is not in a good state. You have to look at your retail design as a complete unit, from bottom to top.

My personal advice: Always invest in good ceilings and floors. It makes all the other elements come to life. Trying to save a buck here and there will not give you the end-result required to make an impact with customers.