We get asked this question daily and there isn’t really a right answer. Obviously most clients are concerned about cost and they are trying to save a buck here and there. As shop fitters we get that our clients are trying to lower their set-up costs and we can assist in a wide range of ways. The main things to always remember is that you get cheap to expensive in just about any product range. There are always cheap ways to complete a project but this does not mean you are going for quality. The risk of course is that if you are creating a commercial space you’ll have to create fittings that can handle high volumes of traffic.

When costing a store there are a few key areas to note. A full-turn-key solution may not seem like a good option at first, but if you carefully calculate all the little hidden possibilities you’ll be surprised. Usually guys in the industry are well aware of potential issues long before the client even realise they exist. This is why it’s always advisable to consider getting a pro to do every little bit of your store.

How does Shopfitting Cost Work?

Many of my clients think that because they can purchase a piece of wood at a really good price, they are capable of doing the job at a cheaper cost. This is partially true, but NOT the same thing. Professional carpenters are highly skilled individuals capable of highly technical work. Material cost is only a part of the equation. Labour cost is the real price driver in most cases. Additional finishes like spray painting, polishing and safe packaging also influence the price. The other thing to always think about is the complexity of design and material use. If you want finishes like ceasarstone, copper, specialised hinges or any pricy items you can expect to pay a lot more.

The real cost driver is your personal taste and sense of quality. You also need to consider the period you’d like these things to last. Low cost, cheap finishes have a tendency to break much sooner than expected in a commercial retail environment because of the immense strain these items need to take.

The best way forward is to get your design ready and start with a basic costing. Then alter your design, needs and wants accordingly. Anything can be built in almost any price range. Deciding on a budget is crucial before contacting any shopfitter. This will safe you time and money in the long run.

A good starting point will be to work on R3000 – R5000 per square meter. This can/will include tiles, ceilings, paints, furnishings etc.