handleless cabinets

Pop up drawer mechanism for handleless cabinets and pop open cabinet doors.

Creating handleless cabinets (with no handles) has a certain modern and expensive quality. And being able to walk past a drawer and with just one touch, it opens, appeals to our technological side. To create this effect is easy enough, by using a pop up drawer mechanism.

Pop up drawer mechanisms are thought to be ridiculously expensive, and while certain of them are there are also some cheaper options which work just as well. However you will still be paying over double the price of a standard drawer runner. The prices for these mechanisms range between R200 and over R1500. It depends on whether you want the no name product or not.

To get slightly technical and explain how these runners function. At the end of the drawer runner is a mechanism with magnets and springs. This comes standard with the pop up drawer runner. The magnets are what keep the drawer close. But when the darer is touched to be opened the magnets release from one another and the spring then opens the drawer.

Our first step at the factory is building the cabinets with the drawers fully installed. The runners are installed into the cabinets the same way that any drawer runner is installed. Once the drawer runner is installed and the drawer is balanced, the pop up mechanism then needs to be adjusted in order to create a smooth opening and closing action.

Once each drawer has been tested to ensure that there is nothing wrong, it is then taken a part completely. Only then will the furniture item have the finish applied. The finish on these units can range from duco (paint), to a veneer, they can also be built using solid wood.

Cabinets without handles can be used in many different areas, from kitchens to bedrooms, and even for commercial/retail purposes. The drawers without handles help in giving the illusion that the cabinet is solid, meanwhile there is storage space. Units such as these work well in confined spaces where storage is limited, and you do not want to over clutter a space. To create soft closing cabinets there are various other systems that allow for anti slam functionality.

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