Formica has many strengths, with the two main ones being that it is durable and tough. However it is not always the prettiest finish to have and at times does look cheap. For this reason we combine Formica and paint finishes.

Why Combine Formica and Spray Paint

A durable work surface is always important as it is what your customers will see first. And for this reason we suggest using Formica Laminate Sheets as it is long lasting and can handle a bit of wear and tear. However with the sides of these counter tops we spray paint them as it the finish products looks better and more expensive.

There are a multitude of colours that you are able to get Formica in, and along with each colour you are able to get in in gloss and matt. So we match the specific colour to the paint, and also determine if the paint must be a gloss of matt finish. In some cases it is not possible to get a Formica in the specific colour wanted and needed. If this is the case then we suggest spray painting the whole item. With the paint we are able to mix just about any colour possible.

This process is done first by sticking the Formica to the supawood top. Once it is in place and has dried, the whole top gets taped up and it goes into the spray booth. There, the sides and the bottom of the top get sprayed.

Different Formica Finishes

Different Formica Finishes

Formica and Solid Wood Edging

When it comes to the wood grain finishes on top, these are more difficult to match. However, we are still able to match most of the colours. This allows us to give a wood grain Formica top, a solid wood edging. For this process we use pine and the stain it in the appropriate colour. While combining the wood grain Formica with the solid wood edging does increase the price of an item, it also makes the item look and feel more expensive.