Custom Turned Wooden Legs & Classic Wooden Legs

Custom Turned Wooden Legs for tables come at standard heights of 350mm, 650mm and 900mm with about 3 to 5 different designs. These heights all correlate to the different standard heights of table tops. However the problem comes in when a furniture item is not a standard height. Well to solve this problem a leg can be bought and extra pieces of wood can be glued onto the top to make it higher. This generally is not the prettiest of solutions. And what about having different designed legs rather then that standard options?Well then the next option is to get legs custom turned. Custom turned wooden legs also known as classic wooden legs can be just about any size with any pattern on. However the more complex the design, the more money it will cost. Custom legs range between R500 to R1500, and there is about 1 to 2 weeks waiting period.

custom turned wooden legs

The legs are turned from a solid piece of wood (generally pine). On the lathe it is attached at the top and at the bottom. The lathe that we currently use can turn a leg with the maximum height of 950mm. The machine rotates the piece of wood, and this is when the shaping can happen. The shaping of a leg is done using different sized chisels. Different chisels produce diverse results. The finer the detail the smaller the chisel. Which in turn will take more time and forms part of our custom woodworking service.

Once the leg has the desired pattern on, sandpaper is then used to sand the whole leg. This removes any of the rough finished as well as getting the shape 100% finished. From this point the leg is checked over, if everything is good it can then go to finishing.

These legs can have different finishes applied to them. They can be stained to give the appearance of a different type of wood or they can be spray painted any colour with a matt or high gloss finish. For Custom Turned Wood Legs and Table Legs and Bases please feel free to contact us.

classic wooden legs


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