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A standard restaurant table top is generally made from a wide range of materials. these include resin tops, plastics, laminated chipboard and 16mm supawood. Our affordable table tops are made using 30mm MDF, machined neatly, sanded down and coated with a wood sealant. These restaurant table tops are generally used in areas where there will be a table cloth placed over. The reason for this, is that any table top with a colour or specific finish becomes more expensive. It is also important to note that table tops with any veneer on will generally be made using chipboard.

While using 16mm supawood makes for a reasonably strong table top, it does still warp. People lean on the table, the tables are stacked on top of each other at night, or whatever the case may be, through wear and tear the table tops end up breaking. But when you spend over R1000 for a single restaurant table top excluding the base, you can’t afford to change the tops every year.

For this reason we build our table tops out of 30mm supawood. This makes that table top extremely durable, and long lasting. However it does mean that the table becomes heavy.

Affordable Table Tops:

For the tables, 850mm x 850mm, that require just a sealant you can be looking at a price of about R685, depending on the amount ordered and the size that you require the top to be. By being able to choose your own size for a top means that you can make your restaurant just a little bit more unique. It is recommended that you do not exceed 900mm x 900mm for a four seater restaurant table top.

However, if you require a specific colour for your table, the price does increase. The reason for this is that there are more materials required to get the table top right and it also increases the labour time. But this is still a possibility.

When ordering the standard table tops from us, it does not take long periods of time and you will be looking at a maximum of 7 working days. However restaurant table tops such as Laminate Restaurant Table Tops will take longer and is dependent on the finish that is chosen. We also offer a range of different colours, from white to pink to black restaurant table tops.

This is the most affordable table tops for restaurant use available in South Africa. Quality Table Tops and Cheap Prices.

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